The Random Card

The Random Card ( TRC ) is a powerful static website that is built on the latest Gatsby JS.

Here is short information about The Random Card is a card-based startup. We really loved this startup because they avail people great deals on delicious food 😉 . Currently ( 2020 ) this startup is only in Kanpur. The idea behind this startup is really innovative and the mind behind this innovation is kind, smart, intelligent.

We are glad to work with them.


  • The Random Card website should be fast whatever technology we can use WordPress or anything else.
  • We have to collaborate with there own designer to form the website.
  • Images/assets should be optimized.
  • The website size should not be too much that it load long.
  • The website should be PWA.
  • The website should be SEO friendly.

Services Delivered

  • First, we built a WordPress Theme for the website later after there designer changed the design and we have to recode the website. we did a proper meeting with the owner and the result comes that they don; ‘t need a CMS, so we proposed them with GatsbyJS.
  • Tailwind CSS is the future of web development hence we used it here because we always do things that make us push our limit to do amaze things.
  • We used Gatsby and React to built this beautiful website.
  • The website is fully PWA support.
  • We made the website light, common its React 😉
  • we used Gatsby image to optimize assets.


We are super happy with wow, but we are a little disappointed with them for delaying the project but it’s not the problem form there side we changed our designer so that lead the delay. although we recommend everyone who wants quality thing should try wow. they do what they promised.

We are a happy client.

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